Lunchboxes $9.99

A small sandwich or wrap with your choice of two sides from our menu and a walnut or pistachio baklava.

Artisan Pita Sandwich Wraps $7

Your choice of turkey, chicken salad or tuna salad on our pita pocket bread. Served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, mayonnaise, mustard, and our lemon-tahini dressing. Sandwiches priced per person.
*Pocket Sandwich $6

Grilled Kabobs Platter

Your choice of our marinated chicken, beef, kafta, served on a bed of onions and tomatoes. Priced per kabob.
*Chicken or Kafta $3.99
*Beef $5.99
*Mini Chicken or Mini Kafta (1/2-size Kabobs) $2.00
*Mini Beef (1/2-size Kabobs) $3.00

Kibbeh Balls $24

Traditional football shaped kibbeh--lean ground beef patties filled with cracked wheat, onions, pine nuts and spices. Minimum order is two dozen. Priced per dozen.

Kibbeh Platter $80

Baked lean ground beef patties made with cracked wheat, pine nuts, onions, and spices, served in bite size pieces with your choice of hummus, baba ghanouj, tatziki or labneh for dipping. Platter has 65 bite size pieces.
*Small (30 pieces) $45

Beef/Lamb Shawarma Platter $85

Beef and lamb (grilled with onions), and garnished with tomatoes and Lebanese pickles, parsley and served with tahini dressing.
*Small $55

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