Sassool Today

Through Mounir’s guidance, the Sassool kitchen is run today by mother Cecilia’s standards of freshness, high quality, balanced flavors, and wasting as little as possible. Mounir is the essence of Lebanese hospitality; he thanks every customer for coming to eat at the restaurant, and always checks to see if they need anything else.

“Although I graduated from Campbell with a business degree, I learned hospitality when I was growing up in Lebanon, long before I ever entered college. My mother could serve heaven on a plate, but was determined to always welcome others into our home and be the best host possible. It was an art, welcoming, feeding our guests, and creating an inviting atmosphere.”

The evolution has gone full circle from learning from his mother, to growing a successful restaurant with his brothers, and now in his own restaurant teaching his two oldest daughters what he knows about the industry and true customer service. Three generations have worked culinary and hospitality magic to create Sassool.

Mounir also works side by side with his wife, Lisa. “She is my rock,” he says with a smile. Lisa takes care of all business and accounting matters from the office, as well as being the resident social media guru.

If you ask Mounir how he likes working everyday with his wife and kids, he response is the same. “I am a very lucky man.” The girls agree.

In Noelle’s words, “There is no one that cares as much as my dad does about the customers, about the food, and about the restaurant. He shows us the importance of setting a very high standard and not accepting anything less.”

Mounir would love for his business to grow, but the most important thing for him is that his customers are served well, fed with delicious food, and leave with smiling faces.

  • 9650 Strickland Rd, Raleigh
    (919) 847-2700
  • 1347 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary
    (919) 300-5586
  • Morgan Street Food Hall, Raleigh
    Coming soon!